We receive precious letters from our students.  In these letters some testify to their salvation and others at how their lives had been changed by God through these Bible correspondence courses.  I am pleased to share some of these letters with you.  My prayer is that it will encourage you to glorify God.  This is His work.

From Sharpeville, South Africa:
“I promise by the help of the Lord to really implement the Biblical Principles I have learned in relationships...  I’m really growing in the knowledge of the Word of God through these courses and in my relationship with God, through my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

From Zambia:
“I have learned a lot and I thank God for you.  God has really changed my life...”

“I thank you for introducing your lessons to me, and God has used your courses to change my life.  God has used this course to save my soul and many of my friends who were lost.”

“As I am writing this letter, I feel touched and trembling because of some messages which touched my heart from previous lessons.  I really thank you very much for these lessons and I hope other students are being converted too.”

From Namibia:“I’m the one who Jesus saved from the devil’s house. Now I am a free man in Windhoek Central Prison. I was spending my life like a lost son.  But when I was reading your first Good News Mailbox Club, I began to feel wonderful.  I had so much strength and peace.  I have a Bible and I read it always.  Now I trust in the Lord with my whole heart, and now I praise the Lord.”

A testimony from Zambia:  “I have surrendered my life to Jesus Christ with the
help of booklet 5(How to experience God’s love 1&2)  You have done a
commendable job, keep it up!”

Someone else writes:: “I was a lost son, but this Good News Mailbox have changed my life.  Now I know that God loves me.  Now I trust that my life will bring glory to Him.”.

From Baviaanspoort Prison, South Africa: “I really enjoy this course you are sending me.  It makes me come close to God.  I hope God is with you all the way in Jesus name.”
“I have received the Lord Jesus as my Saviour after the completion of this wonderful lesson which has really touched my heart. ” Zambia

From Boksburg Prison: ”I thank you very much for the course you offer me.  I want to learn more about the Word of God and also help others who does not know Jesus and His words.”

 “I just want to say thank you because you have changed my life and also my
close friends, those I exchange books with.”  He ends his encouraging letter with “we will meet in heaven”  Zambia

“You have really educated me from the things I didn’t know.  You are really doing a great thing in my life.  May God bless you once more.”

From prison: “I am interested in your Bible Studies, the reason why is because I want
to know more about Jesus and I want to live like Jesus.”

“I thank God for using you to spread the Word of God all over the world, also here in
prison. I read this course here with my friends and now I am born again.  I love you
all the teachers of God’s Word.”

" I am a long term inmate in Windhoek Central Prison.  I was sentenced to life imprisonment on 08 June 1989 for murderX2.  I am very much interested in your Bible course…" 

Boksburg prison: God bless you and the staff, they are doing a marvelous job, I have learned many things through the Bible course.

ZAMBIA:...receiving this course free, is like receiving wisdom and knowledge on a silver plate.

SWAZILAND: I was so happy to receive a course unexpected. I believe someone who loves me enrolled me. To be honest, your book really helped me a lot. I have learned a lot.

Namibia:  I need too much that Bible Studies… I am one of the many prisoners in this country who truly regrets breaking the law. I cannot forgive myself for my sins.  So I turned to the Lord to help me heal myself.

Illustrated Letter from prison